Amicitia, we build Friendships. Facultas, we create Wealth. Confidentia, we earn Trust.

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Nyenrodiaanse Handelsvereniging De Zilveren Rijder (DZR, in short) is a private student-managed investment fund that was founded in 1996 by two Nyenrodians (students at Nyenrode Business University) with the aim to increase theirs and their peers’ knowledge of the financial markets and investing in general. 

Currently, De Zilveren Rijder is the largest student-managed investment fund in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe, managing a total of €200,000 AUM for 800+ shareholders.


Founded in 1996, De Zilveren Rijder is an investment fund which is entirely managed by students. It's managed by a board consisting of seven students, of which composition change on a yearly basis.


De Zilveren Rijder manages a single fund, which has a long-term focus. Primarily by taking a value-investing approach, the strategy aims to achieve deliberate growth by taking calculated risk.


Within De Zilveren Rijder, the best ideas win. The board and equity analysts meet on a weekly basis. In these meetings, productive discussions are held about the opportunities and threats the markets provide.

Amicitia, Facultas, Confidentia

Assets under Management
Friendship, Wealth, Trust

Friendship has to do with the bonding that is created amongst the Nyenrode students while running the investment fund. Wealth implies that after all the hard work that students put into the fund – involving fundamental analysis of stocks, portfolio management and event arrangements with multiple external parties – eventually yields substantial dividends both materially and in our professional career later on. Since the management has to deal with money, trust is vital to earn a strong reputation amongst peers and fund investors. As a result, De Zilveren Rijder is joined by more than 800 shareholders.

The Board

The current fund structure includes the Board members and Equity Analysts. The board members are in charge of external communications with investors (Chief Executive Officer), designing and maintaining the investment strategy of the fund, and managing analysts (Chief Investment Officer), maintaining internal operations and files in order (Secretary), monitoring of portfolio and fund bookkeeping (Chief Financial Officer), organising educational and career events (Chief Events Officer), communication with the shareholders through the quarterly magazine Den Silvervloot (Chief Fiduciary Officer), and leading and managing the team of analysts (Chief Equity Analyst).

Equity Analysts

The analyst team is of utmost importance in managing the investment portfolio. Selected by the board, the analysts are key in providing research and insights. The analysts deliver their findings via reports and presentations on a monthly basis. Together with the board, constructive discussions are held on the current positions of the fund and the current status of the strategy.

Our Board Members

Jacob Hartog

Chief Executive Officer

Joost Hoving

Chief Fiduciary Officer

Lucas Sanders

Chief Investment Officer

Stan Horden


Steven Tettero

Chief Financial Officer

Xander Beere

Chief Equity Analyst

Rutger Aerts

Chief Events Officer

Contact Us

Are you an alumnus? Are you interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of De Zilveren Rijder? Would you like to have more information about our structure and processes? Please feel free to reach out to us via email and give us a follow on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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