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De Zilveren Rijder (or Nyenrodiaanse Handelsvereniging “De Zilveren Rijder” in full) is the largest student-run investment fund in Europe, located at Nyenrode Business University.


Founded in 1996, De Zilveren Rijder is an investment fund which is entirely managed by students. It's managed by a board and an analyst team consisting of 7 students each, of which both compositions change on a yearly basis.


De Zilveren Rijder manages a single fund, which has a long-term focus. Primarily by taking a value-investing approach, the strategy aims to achieve deliberate growth by taking calculated risk.


Within De Zilveren Rijder, the best ideas win. The board and analysts meet on a weekly basis. In these meetings, fruitful discussions are held about the opportunities and threats the markets provide.

Amicitia Facultas Confidentia

Europe's largest student-run investment fund

Assets under Management

Accountable & responsible

The board

The present fund structure includes the board members and market analysts. The board members are in charge of external communications with investors (Chairman), designing and maintaining the investment strategy of the fund, and managing analysts (Vice-Chairman), maintaining internal operations and files in order (Secretary), monitoring of portfolio and fund bookkeeping (Treasurer), organising educational and career events (Commissioner Events), communication with the shareholders through the quarterly magazine Den Silvervloot (Commissioner Fiduciary), and leading the team of analysts (Managing Lead Analyst)

Analytical, knowledgable and motivated

The analysts

The analyst team is of utmost importance in managing the investment portfolio. Selected by the board, the analysts are key in providing research and insights. The analysts deliver their findings via reports and presentations on a weekly basis. Together with the board, constructive discussions are held on the current positions of the fund and the current status of the strategy.

Amicitia Facultas Confidentia

Friendship, Wealth and Trust

Friendship has to do with the bonding that is created amongst the Nyenrode students while running the investment fund. Wealth implies that after all the hard work that students put into the fund – involving fundamental analysis of stocks, portfolio management and event arrangements with multiple external parties – eventually yields substantial dividends both materially and in our professional career later on. Since the management has to deal with money, trust is vital to earn a strong reputation amongst peers and fund investors. As a result, De Zilveren Rijder is joined by more than 750 shareholders.

About Us

In a few sentences

The primary goal of the fund is to create a learning environment for students willing to learn about investing. This is done by means of arranging public events with guest speakers, as well as enabling the board members to steer the investment strategy of the fund. The fund has been known for consistently outperforming the AEX while attracting investors’ capital up to €145,000 EUR, thus becoming the largest student-run investment fund in Europe. Finally, the fund arranges such events as the Finance Day, the Investment Day, and Traders’ Trophy, and opens the Amsterdam Stock Exchange every year.

The fund has the ambition to keep its position as the largest investment fund managed by students in Europe, and because of that, it raises funding on a consistent basis. Furthermore, the fund has the ambition of becoming the largest student-run fund in Europe, and over the long-run, in the world. If you wish to know more about our story, feel free to contact us via the contact details at bottom of this page.

A few words from the chairmen

As Chairman of De Zilveren Rijder, I am very motivated to get the best out of this year. Getting the best out of it does not end by achieving a decent profit and beating the benchmark, the AEX-index. Although these objectives contribute to this year's goals, getting the best out of it, also involves achieving the steepest possible learning curve. Although I am aware that due to Covid-19 this will be a tough year, a year that is perhaps different from previous years, yet, I like to make clear that we see this as a year full of possibilities and challenges. Opportunities to distinguish, challenges to give the example that even in hard times, our glass is rather half full than half empty. We will not let the pessimistic market sentiment influence our motivation, and we will do everything in our power to achieve astounding results.
It is my honor to become the Vice-Chairman of De Zilveren Rijder and work with this extraordinary board. For two years, I was working in the trading department of Grandbil, which is a stock company in Taiwan. During this time, I developed abilities to analyze stocks and their macro environment. Additionally, I have traded stocks, options, Forex, and futures with my own funds for about seven years. As an international student, I believe that I can bring different perspectives and learn more from others with different backgrounds as well.

Amicitia Facultas Confidentia

The People

The present structure of the 24th board includes seven members and is seated from January 2020 until December 2020.

Chairman – Kaj Zwaneveld:

In charge of external communications with investors and chairing the board meetings. Is ultimately responsible that work gets delivered by the other board members.

Vice-Chairman – Steven Huang:

In charge of designing and maintaining the investment strategy of the fund, and managing analysts. After collaborating with the analysts and the other board members, the vice-chairman will take the final investment decisions.

Secretary – Feiko van Logchem:

In charge of maintaining internal operations and files in order. Making sure that in every meeting, all important matters are discussed and everyone is heard.

Treasurer – Stef Omtzigt:

In charge of monitoring of the portfolio and fund bookkeeping. The treasurer makes sure all transactions in the fund are executed properly and provides the shareholders with accurate prices of their shares.

Commissioner Events – Max Hamm:

In charge of organising educational and career events such as company visits, speakers and in-house events.

Commissioner Fiduciary – Mike Westmeijer:

In charge of communication to external parties through the quarterly magazine Den Silvervloot.

Managing Lead Analyst – Sabrina Dennaoui:

In charge of leading the team of analysts. Personally responsible that work from the analysts gets delivered.


From left to right: Mike Westmeijer, Sabrina Dennaoui, Stef Omtzigt, Kaj Zwaneveld, Max Hamm, Steven Huang, and Feiko van Logchem

Besides the board, the fund has a team of analysts. The current analyst team consists of fourteen members. Each member brings a unique expertise or quality to the team, making them together a perfect facet to the entire fund. Their support in the investment decisions will ultimately result in more value for the shareholder.

The fourteen market analysts for this year are:

  • Alena Ishchenko
  • Tarun Seelamneni
  • Max Were
  • Elaine Wang
  • Alex Dingemans
  • Chia-Chi Shen
  • Miguel Pereboom
  • Daniël Stoter
  • Vincent Mouwen
  • Ruben Berssenbrugge
  • Nancy Wang
  • Rogier Brundel
  • Shalabh Tewari
  • Laurien Muetstege

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