XXVe Board (2021)

Chemseddine Saidj

Chief Executive Officer

Max Ritt

Chief Investment Officer

Danny van der Wei

Chief Financial Officer

Rob van Meijl

Chief Events Officer

Denary Day

Chief Fiduciary Officer

Willem Spigt


Lei (Coco) Sun

Chief Equity Analyst


Fund Value


0 +


0 +


Guest Lectures
  • Simon van Veen: Sustainable investing (Founder at Sustainable Dividends).
  • Alexander Roepers: Story telling from Nyenrode Alumnus (Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Atlantic Investment Management). 
  • Peter Langela: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies (Scholar at University of Twente).
  • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen: Trend-Following at DUNN Capital.
  • Grant Williams: Macroeconomic landscape (Co-Founder at Real Vision).
Other Events and Competitions
  • Investors Trophy: 3-month investing competition.
  • Former Board Meeting: Annual meet-up event with previous boards.


  • Partnership with BeleggersAcademy (education)
  • Partnership with Growfield (internships, business cases)
  • Reached a portfolio size of 215.000+ euro
  • Beated the AEX by +/- 4%
  • Updated the website
  • Releasing quarterly standardized informative reports (Den Silvervloot)
  • Improved the organisational transparency
  • Improved vertical integration of the club by among others creating the LinkedIn group.