Investor Relations

Maximizing shareholders’ wealth is a top-priority at De Zilveren Rijder. Alumni of Nyenrode Business University constitute 95% of our shareholders, the remaining 5% are current students at NBU, including the Board Members and Equity Analysts of De Zilveren Rijder; making the fund all-together one of the exclusivities of the Nyenrode Network.

In order to keep our shareholders updated about our organizational and financial progresses, this page includes relevant news to our investors, the current and historical prices of our Rijders (shares) as well as a calendar displaying our events and releases.


N.B. Updated every Friday after market-close.


De Zilveren Rijder’s portfolio is constructed based on the Board’s own research and the investment recommendations that the Equity Analysts make.

The Board discusses investment ideas and make a collective decision to whether to invest or restraint from investing in a given financial instrument based on the macroenvironment of the asset and its own business performance (fundamentals), and time the investment according to critical price levels (technicals).

Please find how our portfolio is diversified across different industries in the adjacent pie chart.

Diversification per Industry