Partners & Sponsors

De Zilveren Rijder is constantly seeking to strengthen its network and broaden the fund’s opportunities by building win-win partnerships with other funds and institutions and earning corporate sponsorships for its events, activities and operations. 

Are you interested in making a partnership with us or becoming our corporate sponsor? Please feel free to contact us.

This webpage presents the current partners and sponsors of De Zilveren Rijder as well as their career opportunities for students and starters.


Founded in 1946, Nyenrode Business University is a Dutch business university and one of the five private universities in the Netherlands. Nyenrode is a top European business university and is consistently among the top of the Financial Times’ European Business School Rankings. The university has two campuses in the Netherlands, one in Amsterdam and the other one in Breukelen (known as the Nyenrode Estate). Nyenrode was founded by renowned private Dutch companies, including KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and AkzoNobel with an objective- ‘For Business, By Business’.

Beleggers Academy was founded by an alumnus of De Zilveren Rijder, Mr. Olivier van Dijk, as a platform where everyone, regardless of prior knowledge, can learn to invest online. Their investing courses teach how to enter and understand the international investment market through helpful video tutorials. They strive to continuously provide new information to their community to enable everyone to invest successfully in new financial markets and products.

As an e-learning platform, Beleggers Academy works with investing mentors with years of experience who offer their investing courses via this central platform. This means that Beleggers Academy is constantly at the forefront of developments in the financial markets and that the range of courses is constantly being expanded.

Career Opportunities

Growfield was founded by an MBA alumnus of Nyenrode, Ms. Anushka Driessen, as a consulting company specialized in new revenue models. Helping start-ups in the technology and sustainibility industry to become profitable and find new ways of revenues. From Growfield we get offered two real business cases a year. In addition to that, we get access to exclusive internships possibilities and company visits. 

Career Opportunities


De Zilveren Rijder does not have any corporate sponsors at the moment; however, we are actively searching for opportunities. 

Are you interested in becoming our corporate sponsor? Please feel free to contact us.