Mr. Niels Kaarstrup-Larsen has been part of the hedge fund industry for more than twenty five years, working for some of the largest CTA firms in the world, as well as having co-founded, built and managed three businesses within the alternative investment space, he decided to use his experience in a new and different way whilst working for DUNN Capital as a Managing Director (Europe). Mr. Kaarstrup-Larsen has also his own website, entitled Top Traders Unplugged, where he shares his own story, podcasts, ebooks and other resources. During his guest-lecture for De Zilveren Rijder, he will discuss trend-following trading that DUNN Capital uses to make profits in both up and down markets. The company has been founded in 1974, is currently managing a total of $1 billion of assets under management, and trading 55 different markets.

During a Clubhouse session with De Zilveren Rijder on the 15th of March 2021, Mr. Kaastrup-Larsen answered arising questions from our students regarding trend-following trading, as a concept, trading automatization, the importance of risk management for capital preservation, and other generalities concerning the trading industry.


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