Mr. Peter Langela is a Dutch entrepreneur with a background of 30 years in entrepreneurship, management, sales & business development in The Netherlands, Germany, and Turkey. He co-founded Fluidensity (blockchain & art), Madelin Twente (blockchain technology), Scalar Data (big data & IoT) and iState (IoT for housing cooperatives). Mr. Langela is currently the Chief Expedition Officer of Fluidensity, a Dutch company, which developed an online platform where artists and art collectors convert the ownership of art into digital certificates. Via these digital certificates of ownership, or tokens, they introduce a totally new way to collect, trade, and expose art.

During this masterclass for De Zilveren Rijder, Mr. Langela shed light on Blockchain technology, explaining the principles, current and future uses. In addition to that, he also talked about cryptocurrencies and how they will potentially be used in the near future.

We would again thank Mr. Langela for this masterclass.

On behalf of the 25th board of De Zilveren Rijder


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